There's hardly any topic as burdened
as our handling tenderness, 
cuddling, kissing, flirting,
sleeping together, devotion,
trust in bed, adult roleplaying.

- Fear of Intimacy
- Traumatic Experiences
- Bad / Missing Role Models
- Bad / Missing Information
- Dogmatic Parenting
- Clerical Syndrom
- Health Problems
- Potence Problems due to Vital Substance Deficiency
- Self-Loathing
- ...

complicate how we deal with sexuality.

Since sexuality is one of our strongest motivating forces and
closely connected to how we experience our emotions, this 
need to be cleared up.

Not in a neurotic and compulsive kind of fashion.
In a relaxed way, that allows you to find & create your own kind
of free & optimistic order!

The Shamanic Worldview is based on the insight, that Sexuality is something holy.

I will surprise you with unusual approaches.

We would like to book a Sexual Coaching


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