Overcoming Fear - Gaining Self-Assurance

Overcoming Fear - Gaining Self-Assurance


There is real fear, based on threats in the present moment.
Then, there are acquired anxieties that are created and re-created in our mind
all the time, and which will feel real, until we chose to recondition ourselves.

Case 1: "Tiger looks at me hungrily and prepares to leap at me..." (real)
Case 2:
"Hungry tigers are lurking everywhere, behind that bush, in the closet 
and in the bathroom..." (irreal, from anxious mind).

It's not a simple task - overcomeing one's fears.
Through Healing Talk, Energy Work, Herbal Essences many anxieties and
worries can be relativised in an elegant manner.

Of course, for resolving bigger problems I cooperate with psychotherapists,
psychiatrists or other specialists.

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