Feng Shui Problem: Electric Smog

Das Problem Elektrosmog im Feng Shui

Every home, every office has its own individual
"radiation cocktail", a mix of

- PC / Monitor
- WLAN / Bluetooth
- DECT / Mobile Communication
- TV / HiFi
- Microwave
- Big / small Appliances

- Electric Lines

Plus exterior radiation:

- Mobile Microwave Radio Relay
- Satellites
- Radio Waves
- WLAN-Networks
- ...

Barrel-arbors in mattresses additionally act as „Collectors/Senders"
for electromagnetic radiation trash of the surrounding.

Up until now and, obviously, also in "classic" Feng Shui
this didn't turn up on any radar.

Nowadays, it's a main issue!

Good luck for you I work with one of the most flexible and
intelligent systems of electric smog harmonisers -
Goddess Radionic™.


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