Helping the Highly Sensitive / EHS

Feng Shui und Hochsensibilität,Hilfe für Hochsensible,ADS,ADHS

A lot of people are highly sensitivel,
some of them also regarding electricity (EHS).

Being highly sensitive should be a blessing –
and it's my job to help you with that.

Many of my solutions are especially suited to the needs
of the highly sensitive!

Of special concern: The 3rd Chakra
(Solarplexus, at stomach height)

The Solarplexus deals with

- Borders
- Power
- Self-Esteem
- Analysis
- Digestion
- Creating Space for one's Development

Due to sensory overload this energy centre is constantly overtaxed.

I help young adults, babies, children and adolescents.

My Feng Shui measures affect great results in no time!

I am interested in help


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