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Your Medicine

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  • Naturopathic practice in Hannover for more than 20 years
  • Therapy for Body & Mind
  • Holistic harmonization for birth scars
  • Gentle trauma release with Rainbow Reiki®.
  • 5-Elements Analysis
  • Counseling for highly sensitive people
  • And much more

>> Practice Page

  • Coaching plus Energetic Body Work
  • Supporting difficult decisions by strengthening your entire energy system
  • Sensitive Parents & Children
  • Aura Chakra Analysis
  • Spiritual Counselling
  • Feng Shui

>> Coaching Page

  • Spiritually gifted people
  • Turning “the curse” into a blessing
  • Lifestyle for the highly sensitive
  • Solutions for children
  • Training for your subtle senses
  • Adequate Feng Shui

>> Sensitive Page

>> See Sensitive page Training ?

  • Office & Home Office
  • Grounding, Balance, Vitalization
  • Harmonizing E-Smog
  • Sensitive Parents & Children
  • Feng Shui to go
  • Flexible

>> Feng Shui Page

  • Soul-touching massages
  • Personal Growth
  • Massage Rituals of the Great Goddess
  • Effective Wellness
  • Trainings for Singles & Couples

>> Massage Page

  • Designing & Performing Shamanic Rituals
  • Trainings
  • The Sacred Sweat Lodge Ceremony
  • Modern viable solutions for modern people
  • International

>> Shamanism Page

  • Power Tools
  • Unleash your spiritual talents!
  • Vocational Trainings
  • Healing is fun – and makes sense!

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  • Born 1975 in Israel, raised in Germany
  • Fluent in German and English
  • Naturopathic practice in Hannover for more than 20 years
  • Home visits and online emergency help

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  • Meditation Training
  • My personal favorite: The Miracle of Three Rays Meditation!
  • Hara Meditation
  • Rainbow Reiki® Meditations
  • Guided Meditations
  • Mantra Meditations
  • Help with meditation problems of all sorts!

>> See Meditation page

  • The World needs You!
  • Use your unique talents!
  • Living a vocation makes you happy!
  • Trainings that are pragmatic and fun!

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Energie Heilung und Feng Shui - Architektin Litvin

“I turned to Dan for help and he immediately responded to my request and helped! Thank you for your support with all my heart!”

(Svetlana Litvin, Architect)


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