"Touching the Soul through the Body"


Massages can be so different… With me, you will not find a purely functional massage. If you expect pressure and pain, you will be disappointed. If you long for mindful, sensitive touch, for a spiritual safe place, for the protection and sensuality of the Great Goddess – then you have come to the right place. Welcome!

  • The body is guided into relaxation
  • Circular, fluid massage moves
  • Caresses
  • Calm and hypnotic
  • Convincing the mind to let go
  • Holistic approach
  • The Goddess and her Rose Angels
  • Massaging with energetic depth
  • Divine help for very human problems…
  • Back Relax Deluxe
  • Super-structured and mega-meditative
  • Calm, meditative moves
  • Gentle Transformassage
  • The most gentle massage in the world
  • The Great Goddess is with you!
  • Healing your sensuality
  • Highly individual application
  • Soul communication through the body…

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  • Pure and natural warm oil
  • On request: thematic energization of your massage oil
  • Relax under your personal Rainbow Reiki® full body shower
  • Also highly individualized
  • Let yourself be transformassaged!
  • Learn Tibetan Oil Massage
  • Learn Saydiyay Goddess Massage
  • Basics of Holistic Wellness
  • Many practical tipps from my 20 years of experience!

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