november 2021

This is a repeating event

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My Motto: There should always be more detox than newtox!


  • Environmental toxins
  • Old stuff
  • People around you have a high viral load or are shedding?
  • You are vaxxed and want to get rid of harmful accompanying substances?
  • Other

Detoxing via Zoom – that’s a thing ?!

Yes, it is. It’s actually an easy task for spiritual healing. Powerful Rainbow Reiki methods support your natural detox capabilities. Blocks are being scanned and resolved. In your own interest please plan for some extra time after the event.

Rainbow Reiki Detox Methods

Matter and Energy – a mirror. Ideally, they work together as a team. Energy work addresses the energetic level, introducing impulses of natural order. Now, this shows on the material level. Please keep in mind: How your body will react is as individual as a finger print!


  • Always have at least 1 liter of water ready
  • Activate your camera on Zoom
  • Please log in 5 minutes prior to the event
  • Detox at your own risk

Dan Mor has been practicing Reiki at a professional level for 20 years and teaches internationally.

In case you wanna learn more about my work as a Rainbow Reiki healer & teacher or are are looking for professional trainings, I recommend my website




Every Week Detox Thursday – Recurring Event

We live in toxic times. Therefore, you can participate every week. If you need more support in your detox, you can enjoy the Reiki-Download every evening or book sessions with me.

Money back

In case this event must be cancelled and you have already transferred money, this will of course be refunded to you ASAP!


This event is not a substitute for medical diagnosis or therapy.



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