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The perfect support hotline

Goddess Lakshmi is the perfect version of a wealth giver. If you want to find, live and enjoy wealth (and heal your blockages against it), Lakshmi is your perfect contact!


Where quantum physics and metaphysics join hands

In every MOMENT there exist infinite sources of wealth – if we perceive them, we can activate them…. As inside, so outside, as above, so below. It goes faster and easier than your parents thought.





Need help with…

  • Serendipities?
  • Money issues?
  • Beauty & Abundance?
  • Luck in Life?
  • Accepting gifts?
  • Healing inner stinginess?
  • Financial emergency situations (!!!) ?


Well, then try spiritual mantra practice – for more miracles in life!

For some people dealing with money is easy – it just flows. Others have blockages, experiences of lack, fear of poverty, karma, negative, family heritage, self-esteem issues, prejudices and beliefs that prevent abundance. Here, mental clarity, heart opening and spiritual healing practice is the medicine of choice!

We want more holistic wealth!

Without the ballast of the past we feel light and open ourselves in the here & now for ALL gifts that the universe wants to bring to us. However, this always happens differently than we thought…. Because holistic wealth is more than a well-filled bank account. It is about good relationships, being able to enjoy, gratitude, being able to accept, being able to allow oneself something, being able to recognize and appreciate beauty, being able to go with the FLOW of life and also about letting money flow through, that is generosity and giving and supporting others.



Event Content

  • Initiation into a powerful Lakshm Mantra
  • Instructions on how to best use it
  • Mantra Tips & Tricks
  • Important: Finding the right „project“ and the best words for your personal prayer
  • Avoiding typical mistakes



What is a Mantra anyway?

Mantras are „medicine words“ that help us change our vibration and consciousness and heal the ego so that our soul can shine through again. Reciting mantras is a wonderful, beautiful way to change your destiny!


Give the Universe a chance!

We live in exciting times. Bring your life NOW to the next level or the one after that by inviting all that you need to go your way. The light beings, for example the goddess Lakshmi, are the messengers of an infinitely rich universe – it’s TIME again to shape the world more together with them!


Monthly event – you are always welcome!

The Lakshmi event takes place every month. As a repeater you always participate for free and benefit each time from great tips and valuable insights. Every evening is different!





  • 33€ (incl. VAT)
  • Free for repeaters






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