Mantra Magic

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Mantra Medicine

With the right mantra, you can open up the restricted zones of your mind that are currently blocking your happiness. Every mantra is like a key with which you can change your resonance frequency.


The cool Mantra Magic Training

Each time there will be a beautiful initiation into a traditional Sanskrit mantra that belongs in every mantra medicine chest. You can sign up for any mantra event – or book the whole training cycle (recommended)!


I’m your Mantra Instructor

I help people find their best mantra and use it in a structured way to solve their problem. Tap into my experience with life coaching and mantras to get ahead with your projects!


Shape your Universe with Sound

What are mantras? They are „medicine words“ that help us to change our vibration and consciousness and heal the ego so that our soul’s wisdom, love, power and magic can unfold again! Every spiritual mantra is connected to a powerful being of light that „sponsors“ it.



Today: Letting go, death and new beginnings, blessing for all new projects, birth, protection in crisis situations

Protection, blessing and start-up help for all new projects – whether in the professional or private sphere of your life! Overcome obstacles. Smart, surprising solutions for seemingly complex problems.




  • Mantra initiation
  • Instructions
  • Mantra recitation
  • Tips, tricks, Q & A
  • Rainbow Reik® Mantra Healing for your enjoyment




  • 8 – 9 PM (CET)
  • Via Zoom





  • Single evening 30€ (incl. VAT)
  • The whole cycle incl. all 6 events for only 149€   Click here
  • You can only take part in the mysterious 7th bonus evening at the end of the cycle if you are a training participant. It’s included in the price.



Please add the dates to your calendar

  • March 8th 2024 – Wealth, abundance, luck
  • May 3rd 2024 – Compassion and deep self-love
  • July 5th 2024 – How to dissolve Black Magic
  • September 6th 2024 – Healthy Masculinity
  • November 8th 2024 –  Death, Letting go, Birth, New beginnings, Protection in crisis situations
  • January 10th 2025 – Find the Perfect Love Partner
  • March 7th 2024 at 8 PM – Wealth, abundance, luck
  • March 7th 2024 at 9 PM – Bonus Event ????

Please note: All topics are helpful for men and women!




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but is not intended to replace diagnosis or therapy by a doctor.





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