Shamanic Healing (monthly)

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Unleash your Power…

Use your potential – use your magic! Shamanic rituals of the White Feather School are relaxed, deep, powerful, yet friendly. This event will be different every time! Each moment is unique, and your magic will be different, too!


You are magic!

You are a cool, loving, magical being and have the right to use your power to live the best life possible. The individual and collective rituals of this evening will inspire you to bring your magic more into everyday life and use it creatively.


What would your animal spirit guide have to say?

The light beings naturally have a completely different view of us and our lives. Coming into contact with their holistic wisdom helps us to see our everyday worries, problems and decisions in a new, fresh light!


Crystal clear

The content of the evening varies depending on the theme and energies of the day. Sometimes, for example, there are personal recommendations for healing crystals. Their medicine is often part of the healing ritual…


Transform reality – and chill

Part of the evening is usually the very popular deep relaxation „Kiss of the Great Goddess“, during which your whole body, your whole energy system is flooded with healing Rainbow Reiki and other magical specials of the evening. Totally awesome!
It’s really important for our internal reorientation process that we change into as relaxed a state as possible, because then our brain works in a completely different way – you could say: we are a different person!



The Shaman Drum – a magical instrument

I often use my djembe or frame drum to accompany the shamanic journey. The drum sounds massage your body and make you vibrate as you enjoy the healing ritual in my practice room. In case you participate from your home via Zoom, the energetic vibration will still reach and support you!



Meditative Hypno Trance

Words that reach your unconscious and signal what we want from it, what healing we are heading for. Your unconscious already knows how healing happens. And your unconscious lets miracles happen that go beyond the mind….


More support from the universe

Other elements that I use are sacred mantras, meditations or power songs, shamanic oracles, energetic body or breathing exercises, …
Your healing path can and may feel good – and be fun! Everything is animated, everything communicates, everything is connected to everything. Everything is connected with you – and you with everything. Shamans mediate between heaven, earth, people and the light beings. They look for solutions that are good for everyone and are guided by the light beings.


More about Shamanism



20 years of  Shamanic Coaching

I have a lot of experience in training and counseling highly sensitive people, healers and coaches. This is my vocation and my passion!





  • 7.00-8.30 P.M. (CET)
  • Can vary slightly, according to group size




  • Zoom or
  • Practice Dan Mor, Striehlstr. 11, 30159 Hannover
  • As you wish!


Shamanic Rituals…

…make sense and fun, but are not intended to replace diagnosis or therapy by a doctor.





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Viel Spaß & Erfolg mit den Chakra-Energie-Karten!