Chakra Energy Cards - Detox

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Detox old Energies

With the Chakra Energy Cards you can stimulate your body, mind and energy system to cleanse itself. Pollution is not only „out there“, but unfortunately also in our inner environment. Learn to detoxify harmful emotions and use your body intelligence to eliminate harmful substances.



We are wise!

And we already carry the most important answers to our most burning questions within us! But why can’t we recognize them in a stressed state? Often we block the access to our wisdom. Oracles of consciousness expansion such as the chakra energy cards help us to clarify this access again and thus activate the inner guidance.


Your gigantic subconscious powers

To determine the course, we can learn to feel our way better and better. But also for life coaches, therapists or simply as an instrument of energetic healing, the chakra energy cards are valuable!



  • Most important Chakra Basics
  • Activating the Angel Sygils on your Chakra Energy Cards
  • How to help yourself
  • The Art of Asking Oracle Questions
  • Freeing your Vision
  • Big, fat Healing
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Please note

  • It would be great if you already had „The Chakra Energy Cards“ before the workshop, but you can also take part without them




Very cool

but not meant to replace diagnosis or medical therapy.




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