Rainbow Reiki® Practitioner 1

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Initiation Seminar: The 4 Elements Fire, Earth, Water, Air and their Healing Functions

Practitioner 1 is ideal for developing your basic understanding of healing principles. Energetic Acupuncture and the Traditional Master Points from Chinese Medicine allow you to reikipuncture your client or even larger groups of clients at the same time – a completely contactless and needle-free method!


  • Advanced methods of aura / chakra work with Reiki
  • The practice of Rainbow Reiki psychosurgery: removing blockages safely and gently through astral energy work, similar to Filipino spiritual healing
  • Initiation into the 4 Rainbow Reiki symbols of the spiritual elements fire, water, earth and air


These special methods are only available in Rainbow Reiki. Once you have tried them, you will never want to miss them again.

With the element symbols and their mantras, you can send Reiki directly to the energetic functional circuits in the human body that are connected to one of the four elements. In this way, many treatments can be carried out in a much shorter time and problems that are difficult to harmonize can still be overcome. Targeted energy work based on astrological constellations is also possible with the symbols of the Four Elements.

The High School of Karma Clearing

Karma Clearing is another special feature of Rainbow Reiki®. This sophisticated technique can be used to heal unhealed traumas from this and past lives and transform blockages. The involvement of angels and other light beings enhances the spiritual component of healing and helps with problems that overwhelm human strength. Collaboration with subtle teacher beings for spiritual healing & personal development through direct contact using appropriate Rainbow Reiki® techniques on the astral planes, you can become more attuned to your path with the help of spiritual spirit beings and teachers from the light realms, learn about the universal order, and receive valuable advice on everyday problems and life crises.

Travel in bodies of people, animals, plants and crystals

An internationally proven method from the Rainbow Reiki bag of tricks for over 20 years to travel with the spirit into material objects and living beings. This makes it easy to find out peculiarities and special powers of materials and to perform spiritual diagnosis and therapy „on the spot“. The spine, the internal organs, the nervous system, but also the ley lines of a power place can be explored in this way. This method is not suitable as a medical diagnosis or therapy.

Astral Rainbow Reiki–Healings

Some tasks require special measures. With the Rainbow Reiki methods for astral healing, you get them in your hands. By going to the astral realms of creation with Rainbow Reiki techniques, you can work on some areas of the human energy system much better, or at all. Also a great addition for Rainbow Reiki Feng Shui.

Energetic acupuncture with Reiki Rainbow Reiki is next level!

Initiation into a special noetic symbol with mantra for particularly effective and gentle Rainbow Reiki treatment of acupoints. The secret acu miracle points of Master Ma in theory and practice. Basics of Energetic Acupuncture with Reiki according to Walter Lübeck®.

„Opening“ and „closing“ a chakra

Thus, an energy center either becomes better protected from external influences (closing) and can thus come out of a possible overload, or it becomes more receptive to energetic healing of all kinds (opening).

The Energy Resonance Technique

To deal with the symbols of Traditional Usui Reiki and the Noetic symbols of Rainbow Reiki in a completely new and even more effective way. Noetics is the science of exploring the possibilities of the human mind. The Noetic Symbols of Rainbow Reiki enable exceptionally effective spiritual energy work.

Constructive accompaniment of emotional clarification processes

During seminars, trainings and consultations, a lot of old, pent-up emotions can be released. How to deal with this in a sensible, gentle and flexible way and bring about harmony is taught in this seminar. Indispensable practical knowledge for the support of holistic healing processes.

Rainbow Reiki Feng Shui

Rainbow Reiki offers a whole treasure chest full of highly effective techniques and methods for harmonizing and strengthening the living Ki flow in homes, buildings and gardens or landscapes. With Rainbow Reiki Feng Shui homes become living spaces!

The individually optimized treatment plan for longer-term mind healing sessions

For what kind of problem in the spiritual healing practice is which Rainbow Reiki method most effective? How many Reiki sessions are enough in a particular case? How are meaningful, longer-term spiritual healing sessions put together? How do you find out what the core spiritual problem of a client is, so that you do not work on trivialities but can help gently and safely without detours?


  • SAT + SUN 10 AM – 6 PM
  • Toilet breaks
  • Lunch break of 90 minutes


2nd degree of Traditional Usui Reiki or 2nd degree of Rainbow Reiki®



  • 495€ (incl VAT)
  • Includes a comprehensive manual (PDF)


If you would like to learn more about my work as a Rainbow Reiki healer & teacher or if you are looking for such a path yourself, I recommend my website www.rainbowreiki.info
All methods described here are not to be seen as a substitute for a visit to the doctor and may only be used within the framework of the applicable laws! We explicitly point out to consult a state-approved medical doctor in case of serious illnesses.