Saydiyay© Massage

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Anyone can give a good massage! And with Goddess energy it’s an especially beautiful experience. Saydiyay is soul communication. Every part of your body is waiting to be awakened. Let’s allow ourselves to be seduced to the joy of life…



A thoroughly feminine massage.

There is no pressing, pushing, tearing, forcing and hurting. Instead, we meander, glide, spiral, circle, crawl, stroke and caress our way through the body landscapes.
The sensual energy of the 2nd chakra is gently stimulated and distributed. Deep tension melts away. This can flood us again with life energy and connects us with the great flow of life.


There is a life before and a life after or with the Saydiyay!

Once you have experienced this new perspective on life, you know: Returning to the previous, frozen state is no longer an option!




  • Initiation into the Saydiyay
  • The art of touch
  • Massage Basics
  • Strokes & caresses
  • Warm, energized oil
  • How to turn oil into healing oil
  • Intuition & letting yourself be guided
  • Various great special techniques
  • Mutual exchange in groups of 2 or 3
  • UVM



Saydiyay is more than just Massage

It is a goddess service to the temple of the soul. Spiritual energy of the Goddess flows in and deepens any healing. Saydiyay is for singles & couples, also for massage therapists.


  • Saydiyay is good for lonely people and for closeness fears
  • Saydiyay often releases old fear echoes from the tissues
  • Saydiyay is a massage ritual – back to the circle of life
  • Saydiyay is for all ages
  • Saydiyay for partnership care
  • Saydiyay for disturbances in sensual perception
  • Saydiyay means: „The touch that makes you happy….“





  • Sat + Sun 10 am to 6 pm
  • Of course there are small breaks in between.
  • The lunch break lasts approx. 90 minutes and is used gladly by the participants to go together to eat. Of course you can also just rest in the practice rooms or go out on your own. I recommend light snacks.



What to bring

You will be sent an info sheet when you register.




  • The weekend costs 500€ (incl. VAT)
  • Including comprehensive manual
  • Original certificate
  • Guest fee 250€ (for repeaters since 2018)



Striehlstr. 11. 30159 Hannover, Germany



By the way

You can also participate without a fixed massage partner. There have always found harmonious „massage pairs“ in the seminar. Do not worry, I make sure that this process is mindful & coherent.




Please note

Please note: Saydiyay does not replace diagnosis or therapy by a doctor.




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