Schamanic Spider Dance

17dec19:0021:00Virtual/ Physical EventSchamanic Spider DanceRitual for Repairing your Web of Life!19:00 - 21:00 View in my time


World Premiere – be a part of it!

For the first time, this shamanic healing ritual to repair your web of life is available LIVE and ONLINE as an international event.

Why Spider Dance?

It is a joyful, constructive ritual to repair your life’s web, clear it of old burdens, and prepare for a future where your soul’s desires come true!

World Wide Web

Today it is not only about the healing of the individual. From our point of view we are all part of a big field – a big net! So today‘ s magic is for the greater good! We have been practicing White-Feather Shamanism for 20 years and tonight we are doing it as a team. Be there live and be part of the web!

Don’t be afraid!

Grandmother spider is known in many cultures as a powerful healer. So there are no crawly little animals for you to deal with. In Norse mythology here would be a strong resonance with the Norns, the weavers of fate Urd, Verdandi and Skuld.

Awesome Effects

Enthusiastic participants tell us about great effects on their own development. This is a great opportunity to „tidy up“ and „clean out“ one’s own web of life at the end of the year. This energy work is suitable to continue spinning the web of one’s own life in a positive direction, to repair torn threads of life and to give away superfluous things (as an offering to grandmother spider). The light beings, in this case the mighty Great Spider, are happy to help us fulfill our true needs!


Order of Events

  • Introduction
  • Shamanic Oracle
  • The core ritual takes about 45 minutes and consists of 3 parts
  • Backed by gentle, melodic sounds of Ulf’s and my drums

Please have ready

  • Comfortable clothes
  • Warm socks
  • If participating via Zoom, you will need some space to move around and of course internet access with video and audio!
  • If you have: The Chakra Energy Cards



  • 40€ for a single participant Einzelteilnahme on site
  • One Zoom access for your friends & family is also only 40€



7.00-9.00 PM (CET)


Event will be multi-lingual and streamed to different countries



  • Online via Zoom (international)
  • Or IRL: Practice Dan Mor, Striehlstr. 11, 30159 Hannover-Central


In Charge

The White Feather Shamans Dan Mor und Ulf Straßburger







Please note

Does not replace medical diagnosis or therapy.



40€ for Zoom access with unlimited house guests / 40€ for a single ticket for one user or live participant


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