1. You are mentally flexible, a tad crazy and open to healing 

 2. You want to help yourself and your community even in times of crisis 

 3. And secure your professional and financial future 

 1. You are mentally flexible, a tad crazy and open to healing 

 2. You want to help yourself and your community even in times of crisis 

 3. And secure your professional and financial future 

Welcome to the world’s only energetic healing online course that comes with a 100% guarantee. Accompanying you in a time of great upheaval. Doesn’t replace doctors, but makes you so much freer. The basic seminar takes only two days.

AI does have a higher IQ.
But you are a better healer!
I'll show you how.

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Build a sustainable healing business that will be stable even in times of crisis. 360° supervision. For thorough strategists.

  1. Reiki improves and enhances any kind of healing
  2. Reiki is Japanese for “Cosmic Life Energy”.
  3. Anyone can learn Reiki, even children
  4. Reiki has nothing to do with faith or religion
  5. Reiki is neither “feminine” nor “masculine”
  6. Reiki has a deeply relaxing effect
  7. Reiki detoxifies on all levels
  8. Reiki is climate neutral
  9. Reiki makes you very flexible, you always have it with you
  10. Reiki helps with back pain
  11. Reiki is part of nature, just like air or water
  12. Reiki is involved in all life processes
  13. Reiki stimulates self-healing powers
  14. Reiki promote “cooperation” of Yin and Yang
  15. You can do Reiki distant treatments
  16. Reiki is your birthright
  17. Use Reiki to help harmonize sleep disorders
  18. Reiki awakens dormant spititual talents
  19. Reiki cannot be replaced by AI
  20. While giving Reiki to others you will also be energized
  21. Reiki on the soles of the feet makes children sleep better
  22. You feel your body’s reaction to Reiki very clearly
  23. There are powerful Reiki healing meditations
  24. Reiki for self-healing makes you freer and more independent
  25. Reiki can be combined seamlessly with all other healing methods
  26. Reiki is safe, even for beginners
  27. There are various Reiki schools, all based on the basic energy: Reiki
  28. Reiki is not intelligence in and of itself
  29. Reiki stimulates your body intelligence
  30. You can easily send Reiki to small or large groups
  31. Learning Reiki takes only two days
  32. Reiki healing is art and science
  33. Reiki is fun
  34. You can use Reiki to help the environment
  35. Reiki has many pain relieving effects
  36. Reiki was “rediscovered” about 100 years ago
  37. Reiki is as old as the universe
  38. You can also use Reiki as a path of enlightenment
  39. Reiki for stomach problems
  40. Reiki to help your sick child
  41. Reiki has many rejuvenating effects
  42. There are Reiki methods for spine correction
  43. With Reiki you can gift people relaxation
  44. Many people use Reiki as a career path
  45. Reiki money magic
  46. Reiki is present in all countries of the world
  47. Reiki always works in alignment with the natural order
  48. Rainbow Reiki® is the only protected Reiki trademark in the world
  49. A correct Reiki attunement is your Reiki guarantee
  50. Choose your Reiki teacher by sympathy
  51. Reiki is crisis-proof and independent of currencies or politics
  52. Reiki to improve your eyes
  53. With Reiki you can turn every break into a healing break
  54. Meeting new friends through Reiki
  55. There are professional trainings available to become a Reiki Master
  56. You can never “force” Reiki into anyone
  57. Reiki is always “sucked” in by the body
  58. Reiki facilitates spiritual states of being, like unity and heart opening
  59. Reiki for joint problems
  60. The oldest pictogram for “Reiki” is from China
  61. Reiki helps you to let go – if you want to
  62. Reiki for digestive disorders
  63. Many musicians use Reiki
  64. Heal your overworked solar plexus – with Reiki
  65. Reiki chakra balancing is fast and feels great
  66. Find your own spirituality – with Reiki
  67. Bring light and hope to yourself and others with Reiki
  68. Heal old fears with Reiki
  69. Reiki Karma Clearing
  70. Charge food and drinks with Reiki
  71. Treat your pets with Reiki – they love it
  72. Send Reiki to your sleeping child in the room next door
  73. The more you relax, the easier Reiki flows
  74. You can give Reiki while doing something else at the same time
  75. Men also like Reiki, but mostly it’s the women who learn it
  76. Reiki for potency problems
  77. Reiki self-healing for painful menstruation
  78. Reiki rituals for couples
  79. Artists boost their creativity with Reiki
  80. Reiki for all chronic problems
  81. Heal guilt and shame with Reiki
  82. Gather new strength with Reiki
  83. Master your crisis
  84. Become cool and stay cool with Reiki
  85. Reiki for joint problems
  86. There are Reiki methods for Feng Shui
  87. Reiki effects can be made visible by modern measuring methods
  88. In several countries Reiki is applied in hospitals
  89. Rainbow Reiki® is a complete energetic medicine chest
  90. Combine Reiki with acupoints
  91. Spiritually gifted children are usually very interested in Reiki
  92. A great combo: Reiki and breath therapy
  93. Reiki and hypnosis are also a brilliant combination
  94. Try Reiki in “hopeless” situations
  95. The Rainbow Reiki® Medicine Buddha mantra for more miracles
  96. Promote happy coincidences with Reiki
  97. Reiki as an energetic gift for your garden
  98. Enjoy direct Reiki contacts with your angels
  99. And much more

"I see crises as part of life. But I also find it cool that I can help myself with Reiki!"

Kerstin Fuchs


"Since I got involved with the Reiki path, so many miracles have happened, in me and in those around me..."

Anette Schöner


"This is the self-healing tool I've always been looking for!"

Cindi Raquel

Precious Metals

Energie Heilung und Feng Shui - Architektin Litvin

„I turned to Dan for help
and he immediately responded
to my request and helped!
Thank you for your support
with all my heart!“

Svetlana Litvin


Rija Nordic Voice - Energie Musik

"The Rainbow Reiki toolbox has saved my life many times when facing tough problems. Thank you!"



"I am not worried about my professional future, but I am jealous of Reiki".


Kitchen Robot


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You have crises, the world has crises.
What do we make of it?
I love teaching the Rainbow Reiki tools.
So that you master your crises.
Or help others to do so.
With super flexible Reiki healings.
You need you. The world needs you.


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