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november 2021


  • Hannover Practice since 2001
  • Therapy for body & mind
  • Holistic birth scar removal
  • Gentle trauma release with Rainbow Reiki®
  • 5-Elements-Analysis
  • Counseling for highly sensitive people
  • And much more


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  • Counseling with simultaneous energy boost
  • Fortifying the entire energetic system during times of difficult decisions
  • Super-sensitive parents & children
  • Aura-chakra analysis
  • Medial counseling
  • Feng Shui

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  • Medially gifted
  • From curse to blessing
  • Lifestyle of the highly sensitive
  • Solutions for children
  • Training for the senses
  • Good Feng Shui


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  • For Office / Home Office
  • Grounding, Balance, Vitalization
  • Electrosmog harmonization
  • Sensitive parents & children
  • Feng Shui To Go
  • Highly flexible


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  • Soul-touching massages
  • Personality growth
  • Massage rituals of the Great Goddess
  • Growth through Wellness
  • Seminars for singles & couples


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  • Design & Performance of Shamanic Rituals
  • Trainings
  • The Sacred Sweat Lodge Ceremony
  • Modern solutions for modern people
  • International


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  • Learn Power Tools fast!
  • Unlock your spiritual talents!
  • Professional training
  • Healing is meaningful – and can be fun!


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  • Born 1975 in Israel, grew up in Germany
  • Languages, fluent: German, English
  • Naturopathic practice in Hannover since 2001
  • Home visits and online emergency help


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  • Meditation Training
  • My personal favorite: The Miracle of Three Rays Meditation!
  • Hara Meditation
  • Rainbow Reiki® Meditation
  • Guided meditations, individual Mantra Meditation
  • Help with meditation problems of all kinds!


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  • The world needs you!
  • Your talents are unique!
  • Living one’s vocation makes happy!
  • Trainings with brain, heart & humor!


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“I turned to Dan for help and he immediately responded to my request and helped! Thank you for your support with all my heart!”

(Svetlana Litvin, Architect)