Healing Meditation: Sexual Chakra

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Cleanse and vitalize your sexual chakra


  • Meditation Basic Knowledge
  • Initiation into the DSM: Kanseya Sotiran
  • Clearings for the sexual chakra
  • Clearing and avoiding typical mistakes
  • Sexuality in the chakra teachings
  • Further healing effects of the Sotiran



Meditation can and should be fun!

Kanseya Sotiran is one of the basic levels in TRM. The liberation of your sensuality releases tremendous power & vitality.
Feelings of guilt, shame, unconscious fears stored in hardened muscles in the pelvic area, sexual traumas are removed during the practice of Sotiran meditation. Since the psychological resistances are often very great, we resort to the help of light beings (angels) in this traditional spiritual form of meditation, who help where we fail as humans.


Rejuvenating effects and more!

The unfolding of your individual desire can now progress, your sensuality can unfold… The sexual chakra is also responsible for cell division & healing. Thus, the Sotiran also has a rejuvenating effect. You can find more miraculous things in the meditation testimonials!



  • 5-9 PM (CET)
  • There will be short breaks



  • 120€ (incl VAT)
  • Repeaters pay 60€ (incl VAT)
  • incl. manual (PDF)



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