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I teach Meditation. This includes healing meditation blockages. And accompanying you on a meditation path. Helping to understand and integrate. I teach various meditations. My hot recommendation: Three-Rays-Meditation!

Whether you are a meditation newbie or a pro is not so important.

TRM meets you wherever you are and enhances your meditation experience drastically and wonderfully!

My work also includes clearing up misconceptions about meditation.

  • “I can’t meditate”
  • “Enlightened people are always happy and healthy”
  • “I don’t see white light”
  • “I don’t hear the angels”
  • “Unity is more important than the material world”

Clarity makes your meditation path so much easier!

How do I deal with extreme experiences?

Three Rays Meditation and Rainbow Reiki® are intense and can quickly lead you to intense experiences:

  • Experiencing Spiritual Love
  • Heart Chakra Opening
  • Sexual Ecstasy
  • Vision of the Divine

This often seems to contradict your perception of everyday life.

As a meditation teacher, I help build a bridge between your spiritual experiences and everyday life experiences.

You are looking for a professional training in healing meditation!

Awesome! We can start right away. Three Rays Meditation is multifaceted and based on spiritual initiations.

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You have a question or a problem?

I’m happy to explain to you which meditation is particularly suitable for you.

You are already a meditator and want to deepen your meditations?

I give you valuable and practical tips that work immediately.

Something is going wrong with your meditations?

I also offer quick help, for example if you are experiencing grounding problems or strong bio-energetic discharges.

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Vocational Trainings

Discover the divine wonders of your Being!

Of course you are also free to choose individual seminars from my offer. You will find my Course Calendar here

If you want to dive deeper, I recommend booking a training.

Here your experiences with the Divine are embedded and accompanied with Spiritual Coaching, which helps you to classify your intense experiences and to use them for your happiness and your concrete projects!

Three Rays Meditation is 1000s of years old and is based on spiritual initiations. Very stable, grounded and supported by Beings of Light!

Training Contents

  • TRM 0 Kanseya Shaynar (Heart Healing & Forgiveness)
  • TRM 0 Kanseya Sotiran (Joy & Ecstasy)
  • TRM 0 Kanseya Sou La Tou Verenya (3rd Eye & Spiritual Life Path)
  • TRM 1 Shandi (Basic Level)
  • TRM 2 Serenga (Returning Heart)
  • TRM 3 Raniloue (Replenishing the vessel of the Goddess)
  • Personal Coaching with Dan Mor, 3 x 90 Minutes
  • Small group meeting with all meditation students, 1 x 90 Minutes (online)

Each of the seminars, of course, includes many, many beautiful and magnificent healing meditations and mystical experiences that are already waiting for you.

If you engage in this training, you will experience deep spiritual healing and miracles!

The ultimate question:
“Who or what am I beyond my thoughts?”


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