Aura Chakra Analysis

Your body is 100% honest!

This method has been my helpful companion for 20 years.
Professionally and in my private life.

It takes only one minute for your body to transmit all relevant information that we need to analyze a situation. After that, we build a bridge between the wisdom of your chakras and your mind…. This method is used for quick expansion of consciousness.

Popular reading topics are...

  • Love & Relation
  • Money
  • Work Situation
  • Vocation
  • Life Path
  • Joy in Life
  • Sexuality
  • Residence
  • Relationship to person XY
  • Health
  • ….


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By the way: You can also learn this supercool method yourself!

The systematic training of subtle perception is extremely important for the quality of life of medially gifted people like you.

This method is not only really fun, but it’s also quick and involves your Inner Child.

It reduces sensory overload.

By using this shamanic technique, natural order is introduced to your energetic system – and relaxation!


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