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Probably the gentlest massage in the world. Saydiyay Wellness is rounded and soft and oily and releases you from loneliness.

Deliberate high-pressure touch can be pleasant short-term if muscles are crampy

But problems will keep coming back…


Because the true origins of our tensions are deeply rooted in “armored muscles”

Saydiyay massage comes from the ancient temples of the goddess

Accordingly, we find soft, round, spiraling, arching, meandering, exploring, investigating, caressing, nurturing, maternal, tender, holding, soothing, unintentional kinds of touches…

We are being seduced into relaxation

Instead of being “forced”

If your body is the temple of your soul…

…then Saydiyay massage is a dialog!

Actually a trialogue

Because it is a spiritual massage

What does that mean?

The energy of the goddess and her rose angels rides with the strokes

Her love melts away armored areas so that your life energy can flow freely again

Warm massage oil is energetically attuned to you

This massage is simply very different


And exclusive

Only a few dozen people worldwide offer it professionally!

Allow yourself a celebration for the senses
Treat yourself to a vacation from everyday life

Let yourself be seduced into your own joie de vivre

Back to the circle of life

You can also learn the Saydiyay massage in one of my courses!

But for now, dive in, become passive, and receive…

Welcome to a deeply human experience

Welcome to the Saydiyay!

Energie Heilpraktiker

Now you can also enjoy it at home!

  • 120 minutes
  • Saydiyay Massage
  • Reiki support for holistic healing effects
  • Individually energized oil
  • For deep relaxation or on-topic
  • Do you have an issue that is particularly close to your heart and that you would like to heal gently?

50 – Journey within the city of Hannover
100 – Journey in the greater Hanover area


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