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90% of your problems are not your problems. We use proven clearing methods to remove harmful external energies from your energy system and your home.

Energie Heilpraktiker

⛔️ Problems
⛔️ Illnesses
⛔️ Bad luck
⛔️ Controlled by others

Happy coincidences
✅ Flow
✅ Clean
✅ Self-empowered


Out of pity, feelings of guilt and self-protection, we have absorbed many external energies.

These are attachments and other energy structures that are simply in the wrong place – your body!

Your body belongs to you and your energy system should not be a hostel for the problems of your parents or previous generations or for misguided ego parts of the deceased – it should be a temple!

Be protective of your quality of living

When you save tons of energy, when your mind becomes free of 100 voices that weren’t yours to begin with, when you make your decisions free and clear of echoes and tormentors of the past – then you will understand: Most of the problems in your life were never really yours!

Energie Heilpraktiker


Super for getting to know the clearing method. Replacing negative attachments. We can start slowly or go full throttle – whatever you prefer!

  • 60 minutes (via Zoom or in my practice)
  • Consultation (we define the exact clearing topic)
  • The Clearing (including preparation and aftercare)
  • Check-up a week later (5 minutes)


We inherited a house in which several people had been seriously ill for years and then died. What do you recommend?

Regardless of whether you want to live there yourself or sell the house: space clearing is important in any case. Cleared, free objects are easier to sell. And part of happy, healthy and carefree living is that there are no disturbing “echoes” coming from the walls and no split-off ego parts of previous inhabitants haunting the house. I can tell you how extensive such a clearing would be and what it would cost after a preliminary discussion. Feel free to contact me here

I think my needs exceed the small package. Are there also larger, more comprehensive solutions?

Yes, the small package is intended to get to know my work. If you tell me what you need, we can talk on the phone. Then I could tell you what I recommend and how much it would cost. Please contact me here

I never felt comfortable in church. I also find the church’s policy on child abuse repulsive. What do you recommend?

If you have already officially left the church (and no longer pay church taxes), the energetic de-baptism would be important and useful. A beautiful and deeply relaxing ritual that frees you from the energy grid of the church institution.

There are haunting phenomena in my home. What should I do?

I also do home inspections and clearings for buildings, objects and land.

I sleep very badly in my bedroom. Is this a case for clearing?

There can also be several pure Feng Shui reasons for this. After an analysis I can tell you whether it is an echo, an occupation, a health problem or another Feng Shui problem such as a water vein. If you are so inclined, please also check my seminar calendar for upcoming Feng Shui seminars.

I don’t know naturopathy or your way of working. How do I know if I’m investing my money well?

I get you. I offer you a 100% money-back guarantee on your introductory package if you are not satisfied with my shamanic service.


I need more help and don’t want to limit myself in terms of time. The clearing hourly rate is 240.00 euros (incl. VAT)

Introductory offer
60 minutes of intensive clearing of occupations (psychological, magical, aura chakra cleansing) for only €99.00 (incl. VAT) instead of €240.00
Only valid once to get to know us.



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