Twice as effective and twice as fast


Let's save time and money by combining your coaching talk with energy work!

Twice the help: Good coachings can trigger a lot. Your body, your energy system has a lot to digest and to rearrange. In order to support that process, you will receive a powerful energy transfer, that is individually tailored to you, already while we are talking, parallely.  This saves you time and money in an elegant and effective way. 

Super Supervision

Du bist Coach, Therapeutin, Heilerin oder Helferin? Dann hast Du sicher typische Probleme dieser Berufsgruppe...

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Coaching Types

  • Balanced work life / private life
  • Vitamin status, water & sleep
  • Digesting and letting go of old emotions
  • Feng Shui
  • Sexuality
  • Vision & Vocation
  • Self Love
  • Awareness & Priorities
  • Aura, Chakra, Energy
  • Trauma
  • Toxins
  • Protection
  • Self-realization
  • Meditation & Spirituality
  • Your Magic!

This coaching style saves you time and yields better results, because you receive powerful energy transmissions already while we speak.

We’ll go over the issues you’re stressing about or want to make quick progress on. This training of your energetic system makes it easier for you to think, feel and act more constructively. More Flow.

I’ll be your body’s translator.

Your body is nature, life, and it communicates non-stop. We just need to listen. Because we have mostly forgotten how to do this, or because it is too painful or uncomfortable, we suppress many of our body’s messages – and with them, much wisdom.

Your Body is 100% honest.

Your energy system reflects non-stop all of your reactions to internal processes and external stimuli. This information is collected and made understandable in a structured way during aura chakra reading. A bridge is built between body and mind.

This will get you in touch with your truth very quickly.

5.000 years of experience from Chinese Medicine.

This representation of the energy flows in your body, your life, are not only helpful for health: All situations can be explained by the model of Yin & Yang and the elements Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal.

Come into your element!

Contacting my spirit guides and channelling – is Dan Mor still quite fit in the head?

Well, I like it. For years I have been teaching aura-chakra reading, oracle work, using the pendulum and also channelling.

Even beforemy clients arrive at the practice, our High Selves, Guardian Angels and other Light Beings have been “talking” to each other.

Meaning: resonance has been established.

In my opinion, we can use any help that is available. Because that’s how big our challenges are.

People who can accept more help are more successful.

Light beings, i.e. angels, power animals and others, are very friendly, helpful and life-affirming. Why not include them in the conversation if you can?

In my life consultations you will hear many good ideas.

And you will feel the beneficial presence of the light beings.

Let yourself be inspired by our “high-vibing” friends!

You are in a Feng Shui 24/7 – make it your Feng Shui, and create power places for yourself!

There are flexible solutions for your home, workplace and for when you are on the road that don’t require expensive modifications.

Avoid energy loss, accumulate energy, have better energy.

Feng Shui consultations can be done by floor plan diagram (online or in my office). Ideally, it’s done at your place. I’m happy to lend a hand right away!

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60 minutes at 120 Euro plus taxes.

Firma: 60 Minuten kosten 360,00 Euro (inkl. MwSt.)

Ein 10er-Paket ist preiswerter.

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