In my naturopathic practice in Hannover, I have been working as a state-certified alternative practitioner since 2001. My specialties are detection and removal of energy blocks, fortifying your energy and giving it a better spin. My passion is teaching you how to do it yourself, so you can enrich your life with fresh life energy!

I have a background in Chinese Yin-Yang 5 Elements Theory, Aura Chakra Reading and Life Coaching. More than 20 years of shamanic / psychological training and professional experience. And much more.

My specialty is helping the highly sensitive. My combination of conversation and energy work has proven to be very effective.

I pass on my knowledge in seminars and professional trainings.

Philosophy & Lightness

When people come to my practice seeking guidance for further life path decisions, their worldview naturally comes into play. Does my self-image / worldview fit with what I actually want? In conversation we develop / create a new, functioning worldview. For this change in the view of life, humour and lightness are strong allies. My specialty: bringing lightness, light and hope even into difficult topics!

I like to go for a jog in the Eilenriede and do Shamanic Sports. For me, it’s not about performance, but about inner balance, well-being and health.

When it comes to movies, series and books, I prefer English. I also like it when things are a bit international. I liked that at my language school near London, which I attended after graduating from high school. I thought it was super-interesting in the Kibbutz in Israel, where I lived for half a year. And I also find that great in the online seminars I regularly give!

  • Baccalaureate
  • Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE)
  • State examination for non-medical practitioners 2000
  • Training in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Training Spiritual Life Counselor
  • Rainbow Reiki Master/Teacher (2nd Dan)
  • White-Feather Shaman
  • Instructor Tibetan Oil Massage
  • Instructor Saydiyay Massage
  • Instructor Aura Chakra Reading
  • Instructor Three Rays Meditation
  • Goddess Radionik© Consultant



Exorcism is actually nonsense.

For movies entertaining, okay. In the Christian context it was and is done as “deliverance service” or “demon exorcism”.

But there the basic assumption is wrong, namely that there could be a personified evil.

I like the worldview in White-Feather Shamanism, that everything belongs to one big body and is connected and communicates with each other.

The assumption in Christian exorcism: personal responsibility for one’s own personality parts and for the energetic garbage one blames oneself for is replaced by an external evil.

If something is repressed (instead of healed!) that actually belongs to us, this naturally leads to a splitting off.

If this violent “plucking out” also involves wonderful and important things like sensuality, enjoyment, lust and our personal magic, man really gets a problem.

Of course, we do it the other way around – and use the available resources as fuel.

Sacred sexuality is something healing.

It accelerates your vibration, uplifts you and brings you close to the divine (within you).

This is a good thing! It leads to emotional cleansing at the same time. However, grit comes up in the process. That’s why most people practice sexuality rather briefly and to vent – or not at all.

Through the conscious and loving acceptance of one’s own sexual powers and inclinations in their (not necessarily easy to understand) peculiarities, as well as the repressed contents (pain, hurt, helplessness, anger, hatred, sadness, fear, shame and guilt), sex becomes sacred sexuality.

So you can become your own sexorcist!

Or you can team up and sexorcize each other with each other.

Seminars that help: Three Rays Meditation, Saydiyay Massage, The Chakra Energy Cards


Recently, while researching causes…

Recently, while researching life, it occurred to me that the only person who has been present in all situations has been me.

Oh, no. Should I have been active as a creator / co-creator? Possibly even still unconsciously?

But then a comforting, slightly shattering thought came to me….

If this is true, then I was also involved in all the fantastic, wonderful, awe-inspiring, crazy-crazy and super-awesome scenes as a co-creator. Cause for hope!

Have you already arrived at your cause research?

Do you want to go deeper? My energy coaching helps


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