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At home, at the office, on the go. Feng Shui solutions for everyone. Help for people with sensory overload. For professionals, children, lovers. Your Feng Shui shows who you are – and who you could be. I help you activate your Feng Shui potential!

Rulers used it, managers have rediscovered it – and we make it available for you and everyone who wants it. The teachings of healthy living and working spaces has endured through the millennia and is more relevant today than ever!

Inside / outside are interdependent, and so your well-being can be influenced by your living / working environment.

Wellness Feng Shui or Power Feng Shui?

Relaxation? Sure, important, especially for good sleep, but Feng Shui can do so much more: activating your (dormant) potentials, nurturing your talents and basic motivation, and aligning your mind.

With 90% of our powers lying dormant in the subconscious, creating Feng Shui Power Spots brings on a massive increase in our ressources!

A common Feng Shui misunderstanding

A lot of people think that Feng Shui measures must be expensive – but the exact opposite is the case: The most important Feng Shui effects can be implemented without great cost.

Flexibility is key

In Germany alone, more than 8 million people move house every year. Many move every few years due to their jobs. There is no need for perfect Feng Shui solutions, but for flexible ones.

A difficult office is an every-day thing for many people. If you want to know fast & flexible fixes, my Office Feng Shui packages might be of interest. Because everyone has the right to feel good – at home or at work (and also on the road).

Life means change, living means changing

Life is a constant flow, our lives are constantly changing. In Feng Shui, a house is considered an organism. It therefore also behaves like a living being: It absorbs energy and excretes energy. It needs protection.

Diarrhea? Obstipation?

It can have pent-up energy or lose too much energy in the wrong place (money, vitality).

It’s all a matter of flexibility, because there are tricks you can use right-away to upgrade your workday.

No reconstructive work is necessary (no tearing down walls).

Modern Feng Shui problems such as electrosmog also play an important role. You should be worth it.

Because working on a “power spot” that supports you instead of beating you down brings about a completely different attitude towards life.

Wikipedia says: Fēng Shuǐ, also Fēngshuǐ [fɤŋ ʂu̯eɪ̯] (chinesisch 風水 / 风水 ‚ literally wind and water‘) is a daoistist teaching from China. The goal of Feng Shui is the harmonization of man with his environment, which is to be achieved by a special design of the living and living spaces.

Your Feng Shui shows the world who you are – show the world who you want to be!

Just as a person’s skin and clothing tell us what it’s like inside, the feng shui of an apartment reveals what the personality structure of the occupants is like.

A Feng Shui consultation is therefore often also the setting of the course for a happier future. The new, upgraded feng shui can improve our

  • Inspiration
  • Motivation
  • Vitality
  • Harmony
  • Centre
  • Mental Allignment
  • Will-power

if we want that.

So the question is rather what we want from life.

For this reason, motivational analysis plays a special role in my Feng Shui consultations.
If you know what you want and what you really need, you can achieve it. This is an intelligent way of determining your goals.
And the path to achieving it is then more fun…

Those who get involved with Feng Shui as an interplay of inside and outside will make great progress and discover undreamed-of powers within themselves.
(Master Dan Wu Mor, 5000 years ago)

In the past, Feng Shui was reserved only for rulers and wealthy people.

Even today, few people know of the simple, ingenious affordable Feng Shui tricks that turn your home into a place of power, in which good sleep and relaxed togetherness come easily.

And the art of creating healthy living spaces is more important than ever!

  • My money disappears down the toilet
  • My kitchen has dirrhea
  • The air is on fire in the office
  • My bedroom is constipated
  • When I eat, I feel like someone is poking me in the back
  • The furniture arrangement seems off
  • Negative Psychoanchors
  • I sweat like a pig when I sleep
  • Water veins
  • Previous inhabitants have died there in agony
  • Loud, aggressive people in the neighborhood
  • Chemistry irritates skin and lungs
  • Undisturbed sex is impossible
  • Mold
  • Missing zones (e.g. career or partnership)
  • I’m always worn out
  • I’m always on edge
  • I am 53 years old and still live with my parents out of guilt

Feng Shui problems that you did not solve in the old apartment will reappear in the new one!

Since Feng Shui reflects our inner life, repressed problems might show as well.

BTW, before moving into the new place, please clear out old energies.

Often people have suffered or quarreled there, which settles as an energetic echo in the walls over the years and decades.

Also, haunting phenomena (due to earthbound parts of deceased) are irritating, disturbing and unhealthy for sensitive people.

This clearing process is often easier than you think.

Is it possible to check out the vibes before actually moving in?

Yes, that makes sense! When you are prepared you can defuse problem areas in advance.

Electrosmog didn’t exist 100 years ago – but it’s relevant even more so today!

Can you feel the buzzzzz?

  • WIFI networks
  • Mobile Microwave Radio Relay
  • Microwaves
  • Satellite beams
  • TV- und radio waves
  • Bluetooth
  • DECT
  • Power lines

combine with other structural factors in your home or work space to create a unique radiation cocktail.

And yes, also 5G is knocking on our doors. But 5G won’t stay there, because 5G can also go through thick walls.

Children and other highly sensitive people notice it first.

However, mostly as stress and diffuse symptoms. Therefore, I generally recommend to take care of the topic of electrosmog. This approach can only be helpful – whether you perceive electrosmog very directly or more indirectly (such as through a more restful sleep).

What to do?

For the purpose of electrosmog harmonization I have been working for 15 years with a Feng Shui system called Goddess Radionik©.

. It is very flexible and modular. You can easily use it on the go.

Earth Fields & Water Veins

They do exist, yes, but will be harmonized automatically by very basic Goddess Radionik© tools such as the Room Harmonizer. So, no problem.


>> Visit Goddess Radionik© Page

Goddess Radionik© is a modular, intelligent system of natural problem solving

Radionic is vibrational technology. With it we influence the energetic level surrounding material structures. Goddess Radionik© has a number of advantages over static systems:

  • Works interactively
  • No power supply or computer necessary
  • Holistic effects
  • Covers all areas of life
  • Supports Personality Growth
  • Lifelong effect
  • Is super-flexible
  • Has solutions for on the go
  • Connects with other Goddess Radionik tools automatically
  • All natural!

Goddess Radionik© was originally developed for highly sensitive individuals, for living in a world that can be technologically and socially challenging. Turns out: We all need them!

>> Visit Goddess Radionik© Page

What is Medical Feng Shui?

Feng Shui can be used for any purpose: This also applies to the stimulation of the body’s own self-healing powers, motivation and willingness to heal. Easily applicable also in a hospital room.

Power spots also for my animal friend?

Sure, your animals are residents, too, and should be healthy and happy! We will include your animals.

Do I have to hang gold coins on the walls and burn incense 3 times a day?

No. Your Feng Shui should suit your taste and activate your potential.


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