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The self-healing powers are gigantic.
As a non-medical practitioner, I have been helping to activate them since 2001. Direct support is available for you in 1:1 treatments, holistic counseling and self-help seminars.

Energie Heilpraktiker


Prevention and solution of chronic problems such as back pain or sleep disorders. Energetic Body Therapy.

People with above-average sensitivity, strong spiritual and mediumistic perception need a lifestyle to match – otherwise illness and suffering will result.

Since the beginning of my practice in 2001, it has become apparent that it is mainly highly sensitive and highly psychic people who find their way to me.



Incidentally, there are more such people than you might think. Many of them don’t fit the mainstream mold. With me, you are also welcome as a “slightly crazy”, “alien” or “freak”.


Sensory overload

They often have sensory overload / overstimulation, in children also allergies, digestive problems, skin issues, vague fears, lack of clarity about their own boundaries and those of others, no desire for larger groups of people, perception of the thoughts / feelings / pain of others, clairvoyant or similar talents – and usually no training in dealing with their sensitivity.


Tools and methods that have been tried and tested over decades cover the special needs of clients who feel much more than others.

Happiness laboratory

I identify your happiness saboteurs and help you to disarm them. I will guide you to the next levels of your happiness with various methods of energy healing, coaching, herbal and vitamin art, personal training and feng shui.

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Scars often cause irritation. They can affect the whole body and should be harmonized gently and thoroughly.

Birth scars

The most common kind of problem scars are caused by poorly sutured or poorly healed cesarean sections and perineal incisions. But also a belly buttons scar can be an irritation.

Energy loss

Often problem scars are located in the area of major energy centers. This can contribute to a lack of energy and, for example, the so-called “baby blues”.

Distant effects

If an interfering scar is located in the area of one or more strongly energy-conducting meridians, irritations can also occur along the course of these energy pathways, which are initially not directly associated with the scar.


I work with non-invasive methods, that is, without injections. Special oils, which are energized individually and which you can continue to use independently at home, further facilitate scar healing.

Trauma Release

A scar is not fully healed until the associated trauma is also released from the tissue and emotional body. That is my claim to holism.


Thanks to the methods of radionics and the crystal technology I use, it is not necessary for us to work directly on the scarred tissue. This is especially helpful when dealing with a highly traumatized area of the body or if a person is ashamed.

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Lack of drive, little joy, constant sadness, addiction to worries, hardly any sexual desire, lack of drive – most of my methods are aimed at curing these conditions.

Your birthright

As newborns, we are in a state of joy, contentment and happiness – provided our basic needs are met. It is a kind of “basic state”.



By letting go and dissolving habits of thinking and feeling and energetic blockages that prevent happiness, a natural joy increasingly arises.


Our bodies are millions of years old high-performance chemical factories and can produce a variety of natural feel-good drugs for us – if they get what they need.

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Almost everyone knows it. But hardly anyone knows what ingenious healing methods there are for it!

Simple solutions

There are simple, quick remedies for some types of back pain.



Emotions have a major influence on the back. Everything that is repressed is also stored there. A lot comes together.

Spine Correctional

With ingeniously simple, gentle and effective Rainbow Reiki® methods, we bring displaced vertebrae back into their original position and release the associated karma.


The energetic correction of most pelvic misalignments and back-relevant joints also takes effect within minutes.

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Yin & Yang. Fire, earth, metal, water, wood. Very helpful for understanding yourself. And to bring yourself into balance.

5000 years for you

Traditional Chinese medicine was one of my first training courses. The knowledge of the dynamics of Yin and Yang and the transformation phases is still a valuable background for my life, health and Feng Shui consultations today.


Nature means your nature

Derived from the observation of nature on a large and small scale, the basic principles are also easily transferable to a technologized way of life.

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Vaccinations have undesirable accompanying substances such as aluminum and many others. These should be eliminated.

Hot topic

When it comes to vaccinations, there are often hardened fronts. One thing we can all agree on is that no one needs unnecessary neurotoxins in their system – regardless of where they come from.


Your poison profile

Anyone who lives in a city absorbs toxins, that is unavoidable. The tendency to accumulate certain substances is as individual as a fingerprint. There are also a large number of vaccine toxins.

All out

Herbs, vital substances, nutrition, water. Mindset. Stimulating the intelligence of your own immune system. Information medicine.

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Energetic preparation often not only makes the pregnancy possible and the birth more relaxed. It also has positive effects on your dream child!

Relaxed pregnancy

Over the years, social and inner pressure as well as negative previous experiences often lead to a tense approach to the topic. I will help you to relax.


Trauma release

Bad experiences around the topic of pregnancy call out to finally be healed. My energy coaching methods are gentle and effective.

Shamanically blessed

If you have a tendency to involve your guardian angels and spirit guides, I would love to accompany you and help you to involve these benevolent spiritual forces in the process. Many cultures have great rituals – like creating yours individually. This will also please your desired child.

Well prepared

The chances of a natural birth are much greater if you relax and care for your muscles. This is done gently, safely and discreetly.


Incidentally, the soul of the child resonates with the parents as they are at the moment of conception. Healing conversation, meditation, joy of life.

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Thank you



I would like to book a single, flexible session, e.g. for body therapy or for a consultation. My hourly rate for alternative practitioner services is 180,00 Euro
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I would like to book an initial consultation. It is 120 minutes and costs 360,00 Euro. This includes questions, examinations and treatment. I receive helpful tips and instructions. I receive a suggestion for a strategy to solve my problem.
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Q & A

My topic is not in your list of topics. Can you help me anyway?

I will be happy to help you. If I’m not familiar with your topic, I’ll let you know and recommend another coach.

Do I have to believe in something for naturopathy to work for me?

No, belief is not necessary. Naturopathy also works for animalsYou simply have a strong, personal experience.

Are you bound by confidentiality?

Yes, your information is safe with me.

My problem is not on your list. Can you help me anyway?

Yes, I probably can. If you need another expert, I will of course let you know.

Is naturopathy a competitor to conventional medicine?

For many problems, naturopathy simply provides the fastest results and the quickest relief.

Nevertheless, I don’t see naturopathy as a competitor to conventional medicine. Both complement each other. Naturopathy certainly has far more experience in preventing and maintaining health. I think it’s smart if we integrate the best of both worlds.


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